What We Do

Moderna Homes is a design/build company specializing in custom residential projects. We work with homeowners to realize their vision for their project within the site, budget, and timeline constraints. 


How We Do It

Our collaborative design/build approach brings construction know-how and details early into design to ensure our projects are buildable within our client's constraints and allows us to explore the impact of design options on time and cost.   

- We utilize BIM modeling to take what is traditionally a two-dimensional design process and "build" a detailed model of the home before we actually build from concept through construction.

- We embrace partnerships with consultants and specialty contractors to integrate their expertise in the home design - from interior designers to HVAC installers to audio/video consultants. Today's homes integrate a variety of systems and the performance of the home - from the heating and cooling systems to sun exposure to lighting - is as important as the overall aesthetics.